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If you have been charged with grand larceny in Suffolk County, securing the right legal representation should be your top priority. Daniel A. Russo P.C. offers skilled Westhampton Grand Larceny Lawyer services for your defense. With a background as an assistant D.A. in Suffolk County and extensive experience in criminal defense litigation, Daniel A. Russo P.C. provides expert legal support for your case.

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At Daniel A. Russo P.C., we understand the serious nature of grand larceny charges and the potential consequences they can bring. As your Westhampton Grand Larceny Lawyer, we stand by your side throughout the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected. Our approach includes:

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  • We thoroughly investigate your case, carefully examining the evidence against you.
  • Our aim is to uncover key details that can shape a strong defense strategy.

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  • Every grand larceny case is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific circumstances.
  • We create a personalized defense strategy tailored to the nuances of your situation.

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  • Whether you’re accused of theft, embezzlement, or another form of grand larceny, we explore all available legal avenues.
  • Our unwavering commitment is to protect your rights and interests.

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Grand larceny is a serious crime in Suffolk County and Nassau County, New York, with significant legal consequences for those convicted. Here are some key facts and repercussions associated with grand larceny in these areas:

  1. Definition: Grand larceny involves the unlawful taking of property with a value above a certain threshold, typically set by state law. In New York, grand larceny is classified as a felony offense.
  2. Classification: Grand larceny can be classified into different degrees based on the value of the stolen property and the circumstances of the crime. In New York, it ranges from fourth degree to first degree, with first-degree grand larceny being the most severe.
  3. Penalties: The penalties for grand larceny convictions in Suffolk County and Nassau County can include imprisonment, fines, probation, restitution to the victim, and community service. The severity of the punishment depends on factors such as the value of the stolen property and the defendant's criminal history.
  4. Felony Record: A conviction for grand larceny will result in a felony record, which can have long-lasting consequences. A felony conviction can impact various aspects of life, including employment opportunities, housing, professional licenses, and the right to vote or possess firearms.
  5. Legal Defense: Individuals accused of grand larceny have the right to defend themselves against the charges. Common legal defenses include lack of intent, mistaken identity, duress, entrapment, and insufficient evidence. Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial to building a strong defense strategy.
  6. Enhancements: Certain aggravating factors can lead to enhanced charges and penalties for grand larceny. For example, if the defendant has a prior criminal record, if the stolen property was taken from a vulnerable victim, or if the crime involved the use of violence or weapons, the consequences may be more severe.
  7. Restitution: In addition to criminal penalties, individuals convicted of grand larceny may be required to pay restitution to the victim. This involves reimbursing the victim for the value of the stolen property or any financial losses incurred as a result of the crime.
  8. Legal Process: The legal process for grand larceny cases in Suffolk County and Nassau County typically involves arrest, arraignment, pretrial hearings, plea negotiations, trial, and sentencing. It is essential for defendants to have competent legal representation at every stage of the proceedings.

Overall, grand larceny is a serious criminal offense in Suffolk County and Nassau County, carrying significant legal and personal consequences for those convicted. Anyone facing charges of grand larceny should seek immediate legal assistance to protect their rights and explore their defense options.

If you’re searching for information related to Grand Larceny Lawyer in Suffolk County and Nassau County, New York, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Understanding Grand Larceny:
    • Grand Larceny involves unlawfully taking or withholding someone else’s property with the intent to permanently deprive them of it.
    • It encompasses various acts, including theft, embezzlement, and unauthorized use of property.
    • In legal terms, larceny specifically refers to the theft of personal or tangible property.
  2. Classification Based on Value:
    • Petit Larceny: This is the lower-level offense, applicable when stolen property is worth $1,000 or less. It’s a class A misdemeanor with potential jail time and fines.
    • Grand Larceny: When the value of stolen property exceeds $1,000, it becomes a felony. Penalties include imprisonment and substantial fines.
  3. Degrees of Grand Larceny:
    • Fourth-Degree Grand Larceny:
      • Involves theft when:
        • Property value exceeds $1,000.
        • Property includes a credit/debit card, firearm, or motor vehicle.
      • It’s a class E felony.
    • Third-Degree Grand Larceny:
      • Applies when property value exceeds a certain threshold (e.g., $3,000).
  4. Repercussions:
    • Conviction can lead to:
      • Prison time based on the degree of the offense.
      • Fines as specified by law.
      • Criminal record, affecting employment and other aspects of life.

If you’re seeking legal representation, consider reaching out to experienced Grand Larceny Lawyers at Daniel A. Russo, P.C. We are a leading Criminal Law Firm in Suffolk County, New York, providing quality defense for village, town, state, and federal cases

When charged with a crime it is imperative to seek an attorney that has the experience and ability to protect you and your rights. Like choosing a doctor, a lawyer should specialize in his or her field. I urge you to contact Daniel A. Russo, P.C. as we have specialized in criminal defense for over 25 years. You are entitled to the presumption of innocence against any criminal accusation and our firm will exhaust all efforts to see that you are protected. I am available for any emergencies 24/7 at (631) 447-1200 and will give you the representation you deserve.


The key to finding great legal assistance should be: attorney success, excellent plain-english communication, make sense financially, and relief from stress during tense times. At Daniel A. Russo P.C., we invite you to try our refreshing experience and end-result satisfaction.

At Daniel A. Russo P.C., I invite you to try our refreshing experience and end-result satisfaction.

With a mission to attain top-notch justice, I have been serving the people of Suffolk County, New York for over 25 years. With valuable experience as an Assistant District Attorney, I can provide exceptional legal services in criminal defense litigation. I have won judgments in a wide spectrum of cases, from murder, rape, and robbery, to white collar crimes. I strive to be the best criminal defense lawyer on Long Island with a steady track record of case wins over losses. I have 25 years of experience working within the criminal justice system. I provide a judgement-free zone; ready to tackle any case thoroughly and aggressively. Ranging from major federal court cases, to small village court cases, I will stand by your side through the entire process. For this reason, I am available 24/7 in emergencies at (631) 447-1200.

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A retainer is created and signed for binding permission to represent your case. Any and all evident documents will need to be provided.

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Daniel A. Russo P.C. will begin the work in formulating your case, and facilitate all paperwork necessary.

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Any conferences or pre-trials leading up to your case. May require visits to the court house and appear before a judge.

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